Our Story

Our story is actually a bit unique...but one you'll find interesting!

For years, our business was marketing. We helped businesses look good so they could acquire more contracts. However, one day a friend came to me and said he was miserable in his job. Truthfully, we would be on the phone for hours while he complained the whole time about his job. My heart broke for him and I knew I had to do something.

I decided to put my creative skills to work and design him a very professional and eye-catching resume. It was much different than my norm at the time, which consisted of creating marketing collateral for businesses. However, it was also very similar in a sense. Instead of helping a business look good so they could make more money, I was helping a friend look good so he could make more money. In fact, helping a friend was MORE rewarding!

So, I whipped up a resume, emailed it to him and asked him to send it off to a few of his contacts. He did, and the response was OVERWHELMING! Throughout the day, he forwarded me emails he received from his contacts who provided very positive feedback about his resume. Soon our conversations changed from him growling about his miserable life to all the great feedback he was getting on his resume. And, it didn't stop there. My friend received a new job in a matter of weeks!

Truthfully, I couldn't believe how effective my random act of kindness was. I didn't think much more about it, that is, until a few weeks later when another friend came to me in a real bind. Her husband was working out of town, and had just found out that his father was ill. He wanted to take a job closer to home so he could spend more time with family. Since I had great success with my previous friend's resume, I decided I may as well try and revamp her husband's resume too. It couldn't hurt, right? And sure enough, it worked like a charm! He applied for a few jobs using his new resume, and within a couple days, he had a job offer! During the interview, they also commented on his professionally designed resume!

After these experiences, I had to wonder why everyone seeking employment didn't just go and get a new resume designed. After doing a bit of research, I soon understood. Resume design is ridiculously expensive! Honestly, I found companies that were charging a few grand just to have their resume designed - it was nonsense. Who can afford that? So, that's when I made it my mission to offer resume design that's affordable and effective, so I can help people get the job of their dreams! It's very rewarding to say the least.

So, that's our story! We are happy to help all of you have a resume your proud of so you can land the job of your dreams!